Sports Massage and Bowen Technique Services in Hertfordshire

  • Deep Tissue Sports Massage
  • Treatment & Rehabilitation of Injuries
  • Chronic & Acute Injuries/Problems/Conditions
  • The Bowen Technique (aids many conditions such as respiratory, musculo-skeletal & digestive)
  • Treatment for all ages including new borns

About Me

After qualifying from the University of Hertfordshire in 2004 with a Sports Therapy BSc (Hons) Degree, I set up a Sports Injury & Massage clinic based at the Body Limit Gym in St Albans in 2005. From a contact at the gym I also ended up running a clinic at Olympian Gym in Hemel Hempstead for a couple of evenings a week before I had my children.

In 2011 I qualified as a Bowen Technique therapist with the ECBS, which is Europe's leading Bowen therapy school. This has enabled me to help with many conditions in and out of the sports injury field. It is a therapy which is available for all ages and which I have had fantastic results with. Please check out this section on the website for more details as I would recommend for everyone to try it.

I now run my clinic in Chiswell Green and work with people of all ages, in and out of the sporting field. I find the human body fascinating with the way it copes with everyday challenges and how it adapts with injury, so feel very privileged to work in this area.